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Subway sales - when tourists by from the sales rep

I was delivering few maps at Grand Central [today was also the day of presentation of many vintage cars, for the centennial ceremonies], anyhow my bag is always open in case I need to put a sticker on a post or giving out my business cards and a young girl was watching the bag and says: "That's a lot of maps". I do not reply, but then mother also was surprise and said yes those are subway maps. I still stay quiet, then before my stop I gave one of the pocket NYC map to the mother, and she says it is not necessary, she know about the city, but I insist telling her: "You can use as a coaster...

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New Deals - our maps sold in 400 stores

We got few more stores like the Waldorf Astoria, Peninsula and St. Regis   In 3 years we were so busy with all other stores never thought about those, but one day walking in Park Avenue checking some Ferrari or Jaguar cars showroom I wanted to relax after long stroll inside the lobby of the hotels, and inquiring about if they have gift shops the very attentive personnel were eager to direct me to the buyer/owner/manager   And being in the beginning of new season they were looking for new products   Life is beautiful sometimes

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