About Uss

New York, London, Washington Maps are made for the people who wants to get a real life out of these cities,

the adventures you can live in Times Square, or Red Hook, the Camdem or Portobello, South East of Pennsylvania Ave.

We provide  hundreds of places like theaters, museums, landmarks but also speakeasy or fun places for kids and adult clubs, directions to subway stops or waterways, streets and how to ride the trains.

We help everybody become a resident


From the founder

From travelling the world I understand I have sense of orientation - I started designing catalogs and books with a flow and creating the plans / diagrams to organize content

I like to design indexes and table of contents for magazines

Began about 30 years ago from organizing lego and other games to create anime replicas

From there I continued preparing the design process for marketing and advertising, first analyzing the environment and the client goals; then the photo shoots of products in locations to the copy editors were chosen; then various page styles were planned ed executed to get feedback; further refinement and tweaking were necessary to put the pages on print and or other media [tv, cd rom [wow]]

This new project of maps started from a vacuum of design in the market, were other maps are mostly black/white and or designed with the mind of architects or cartographer not the viewer; the user point of view is to have a clear and evident contrast and highlight places to visit/enjoy plus giving more informations to check the surrounding.

After 2 years of tweaking maps and a steady clientele distributors [more than 300 stores carries our maps collection just in new york city] I am starting online and national/international sales.

Now with 2 designers and 2 sales representatives we are expanding our products to a guide and Paris