Subway sales - when tourists by from the sales rep

I was delivering few maps at Grand Central [today was also the day of presentation of many vintage cars, for the centennial ceremonies], anyhow my bag is always open in case I need to put a sticker on a post or giving out my business cards and a young girl was watching the bag and says: "That's a lot of maps". I do not reply, but then mother also was surprise and said yes those are subway maps. I still stay quiet, then before my stop I gave one of the pocket NYC map to the mother, and she says it is not necessary, she know about the city, but I insist telling her: "You can use as a coaster or placemat". So she accept.


Then another woman asks me about how much for one of these maps, I said: "$2", and she hands me over a couple of singles and I give to her, then another woman asks me about one, so 2 more dollars, then a old man, give me a single and 4 quarters.


I should open a small portable stand when I am going around.