Swimming Pools Hotel Rooftop and not


Church and Fulton - WTC - Fulton Center B10 - Go to the 5th floor and head to the indoor pool, not super fancy but cool view


Grace Hotel

45 St and Broadway - Times Square 123ABCNQR8 B6 - They have a bar and give you towels, sometimes they have a party so need to pay the fee

Parker Meridien

119 West 56th St - Midtown 7 Ave BDE - B5 - parkermeridien.com/swim - This is a steep $150 open to public. Can be purchased at gravity out fitness center. Located in the underground.

Hotel Americano

518 W 27th St - Chelsea 23 St CE - B7 - Pay just $40 and get a nice access to the pool and Mediterranean food.


Trump Soho

Spring and Varick - SoHO - Spring St CE - B9 - Enter flawlessly and go straight to elevators [make a left below concierge], click on 7th floor and check the bar and then head to the guard in yellow shirt to give you towels. Smile