0038 Paris Wednesday 2017 03 22 Walk

Started around 11am from 235 Charenton, the day after I lost a Norwegian Air flight due to me reckless, thinking I can make like 1 hr before leaving. I packed too many tasks, like doing japanese puriFication rite, why I went? then talk to Dominique Port Vavres all the way outside frikkin periferique to check if interested in distribution some maps to [Gibert Jeune](https://www.gibertjeune.fr/) , he invited me to go place called Michelle that was in business like 200 years, he got a beer kronenbourg I got juice d orange, I paid, he got second one and we discuss business and also some laser he was working for company american selling these super techno powerful nano sec laser and also told about the EMI records studio in the area, with rolling stones beatles pink floyd doing recordings

above is image from montmartre rue des saules

The one below is original shot in HDR iPhone 6


A dot.

After decided to go home prepare luggage but I noticed that my chase account was super low, that day I bought ticket for velib [link], the cheap and fastest way to go around city for 1.70£‹„⁄⁄‚ÏÅÏ˝ÓÓÔÒ‚·°fl§¶¨ƒ∂ßå∂ƒ©©≈ç√™¡⁄€‹ I found the frikkin £¢∞€€€€ option shift €2 two, anyway, but I bought online not at the terminal, where the velib system charge you about 150€ first try jejeje, of euro, for deposit security, because I am gonna steal this bike if I want and sell it online for 150€ or more, sorry for mistake by the way I am writing on airplane drinking gin tonic 10.50€ jeje in a flight that I bought the day I lost flight $490 [the way I bought ticket is another adventure see below[
Sooo I was fighting velib to get money back, but they kept saying that I bought 2 tickets same day one online and one terminal, yes they are right I have 4 four legs and 2 cock, actually 1 is a cock and 1 is dick, smaller for little midgets

. dot again gin sip sip
if people are little nerd, I am using apple macbook air late 2010, with el capitan pretty svelte listo machine, not for super 3D and music but all my tasks works fine, maybe not suing chrome though, get beach ball stalling a lot jejeje

so I was twittering a lot about this double cock suckers of twitter people and then I had to go bring some cash to riyo for payments, the keys of apt the one with tiles in floor that looks like a morgue perfect to get sick due the coldness when you get out of bathroom shower, or kill yourself slipping and hitting the toile pnot a cat]

so I think I did something too, like maybe eat something, these days I am little concern about food, not much money or time, so i am slippping breakfast or lunch or dinner, when breakfast is at night, and someitmes consitst of few doses of coke, like good old days when I had restaurant in soho, long story… so maybe I eat and trying to clean apartment little bit before leaving, didnt check any chat room, they were all oofline the one i check, well, about 3/4 3superscript and 4 subscript like a fraction are offline like ½ years, other 3/4 doesnt become automatically like ½ thats strange, anyway the other 3 three I follow are not on, not interested anyway, I have a flight to catch in 2 hours
so I take 2 bag and head to riyo place in rue saint paul, wanted to get cash need about 50 due to some buying party at lawrence in toulouse, with first time mdma test, where I was on whatsapp about about about warm, stark, traumen shonen, anyway you get the point no better jejeje

sip sip dot dot


so got cash and I saw riyo going out of subway train car and I could have give her keys and cash minus the 50 though and go to opera catch bus to cdg and be in new york like 2 days ago, work for the restaurants, goes to stores, collect some cash, get car [te old cat jag got cold feet so now battery down and need to go see Georgy manana to get start with some good friend using cables], ah in case you wondering why i am also writing this text is for some marketing to put on twitter in like 100 twits jeje or facebook fakebook or blog or website so people can read and maybe after buy frikkin maps, but also I like to show some photos like of scelte lapin in rue saules or just to see if I can be interesting or embogado? embotado, nächster
So I go to the malaysian womban Lin to give her cash and keys and ask about directions to opera and she says take 7 perfect, miss the bus for like 1 minute, I was talking to her about some sales, and watching nice fabrics, about 3/4 minutes, so for that talk, the velib, the rite, dominique recording studio, 2 beers, I am now walking around paris doing a half marathon ike I started in the upper part of this text… now you follow me?

sip sip lick lick is different

I was also trying get the rib number from lawrence to prepare the gibert jeune compte, and i got the day after, the day of the walk, so after charenton leaving I go to tout libre, a bookstore near by to get info that I have on my side pocket I hope still, I had so many informations from here and london, especially book fair that I paid 55£ because why not, so after I continue to republique my goal was to get few maps from the presse newsstand like they say here that bought 90 maps so far and I left 40 in case his colleague was going to distribute for me, in the meantime I was stopping adound Charonne or Charbonne Charonne, cool spot in town, no pic sorry check this from google in case, and then heading south to temple, nice name, templari rosacrociani c’entrano, si no, ricordi di gioventu in viaggio. . so I stop places to show my maps and give contact in case they would like to try, i finish all my maps and business card so I had to write on they little square info notes or almost on the back of the rft metro bus tickets

[the bataclan on 50 Blvd Voltaire
so after I get 10 maps from Victor greek guy that also was helping me find a printer around, due the fact if I ship maps they the big government gonna make some cash out of it, like customs, I guess, so better print in france or spain any way we ll talk later//..:
I am little tired, what time is is 1:34 am in paris so I guess is 8:34 in ny 5 hours difference and 7:34 in bogota

gin sip is finishing soon fuck fuck
So I continue with 10 maps toward some areas didnt used before, with my leather jacket and blue jeans, no food, due to no money in account after buying tiket with norwegian $490, someone interested read story of the guy in phone for oneticket cheapoair something, no? no? maybe is better let me think if worth, it is for the fuckt that he was offering discount, like bargain, first price was higher, then if i tell him that I am checking online or wife also checking or asking brother to see if ex wife had some deals [no due to situations] anyway the guy was trying give extra discounts, like 10$or 2$ mah he was playing that he has only 1 ticket left, I shoud the buying with him, most annoyingly so I was kind of playing with him nastly trying the good way to get out of phone call, but i was sorry for him because he was going to lose commission and with his almost perfect english even if he was some south asia indian maybe, who decide name india? so i buy this ticket and with baggage 20 kg but only 10 kg actually the rest were maps that I sold and use to go around, eat food, buy drinks and pay other things, anyway 0 zero left of those sales, so now I am poor like when I left

What I got is lot place where they are selling maps, few people gonna distribute not dominique I guess, information about giberti jeune and and been out side ny and home to try see how it is to have this life priceless

I still didnt write about sales

priceless, being able to read texts without worry someone can see the phone on, your face on, on the trip to latin south america, or email from denizen gmail with discussion on on tired tired gonna take a nap 1:36 left so arrive there 3:30 ish let cuntinue later jeje

I am landed, got usual passport and green card check at second point, 3 minutes and out. time to collect luggage and a order of $151 has been placed on TerraMaps please click here if you want more of this stories. and send some frikkin twitter friendship or whatever they are. no DM yes SM

So I was going to Reamur, and Sebastopole, some stores want maps but have few so no, next time, then make a right on montmartre, and so many cute stores, and no maps no maps, nada nicht yatta so I can just think to tell the store in place des vosges to visit them. Its a nice atmosphere, i bought a banana for 50 centimes, kind of expensive compare to ny banana, but this taste better, like super good, or is just that i am so hungry, walking a lot, talking a lot, and thinking how mess is my life after all things that I will need to pay in the few days/weeks/month? working for restaurants [did i wrote that already?], that will make late other projects but help paying rent, ah the rent, and the credit cards, ah lovely. Nice to see all these parisians and tourists sitting at bistrots, by the way i am on the train to 125 st. 1 hr so i can write this.
Sitting there, playing with words, eating with fingers, trying to get a grasp of why this guy is walking around, entering so many stores, mostly gift shops, there are many carnival masks stores, like we are in little venice or little rio, kind of ugly ugly masks. I wonder which one I would like to be, some kind of super hero, a monster?  The people seems so calm, they give me calm too, but also envy to that life, that I would like to try, sipping a the without worrying next hour what I have to do, if i sip the is because I am on some place waiting for something, like the time to check in at airport, or check in hotel or air bnb or apt. Waiting for keys, waiting for time, waiting for the rain to stop. After so many years of the same life, people should image that get used, walk for miles kilometres, like I said wednesday yesterday I walked 21 kms, the s is plural, I think is my record, apart tha time when in the 20ies I started from mestre and went down italian peninsula with only my credit card and feet. another story/chapter [i took train sometimes till bari]

So these stores are very nice to accept that one day I will be back, bringing like 2000 maps in suitcase, to sell for €1 each or 80c is fine, lets have this frikkin paris city be may parties city, or go to lovedon too, just in vacation one day, or different business or pussiness. I took also some photos of places that are empty of people and some photos of people with my maps and buinding parts, like the 2 girls at tour eiffel that were lively and funny to hold the map in their small hands upside down, and laughing without noticing. That kind of life I need, like when u dont care you are 46 years old, like to talk with youg women, and plan to get some kids from foster houses, or a sailboat to smuggle maps or other stuffs around the world, people, and freedom against the connected politics/corporations. ahnarkist/analkist

Looks like ulysses, without deepness, more like on the road in a day, where I link all these adventures I had and future projects I want, like the one that is too far to reach and is reading now wondering what are we doing.

SO after going up st. georges and see the museum the la vie romantique, I wanted go to erotism museum but its been closed few years, even if is in the map jejeje, so I go vie just to go bathroom, chill little bit, refresh my ass, sweaty from all walking. but ready to cuntinue, then up to pigalle moulin rouge, and then rue lepic, so many stores, that I sold at last february when I went with chika, but then couldnt go back anymore till now, I was tired to enter and ask how was the sales. tired of speaking in frenglish, confusing lovedon with partis, I mean london more striaight, organized, paris air of flair, il est u le croissant, chill out, but kind of more monotone also, london too casually, watching every day alomst different ceiling, like when I was in italy waiting for my mother to die, is it tomorrow, 2 days, 3 days, staying at friends place [about at ½ of the daily trip] ½ ½  she died in bed with family around on december 16 2016, was tough - ; : / , , just some punctuaction marks to make separate the good time we had and the fact she was in paris in the early seventies, for when I was born, and parents genitori enjoyed some kind of easy life, so I asked her to write in french the part of the map with guide informations [hold on difficult to write these words] of the places, like a way to keep her alive, and people reading here words, my cuntcepts, but she gave many advices and places to enjoy for all people in the world, she has a name on the amazon catalog, link here to see if someone buy so I can pay extra my sister,  I take a rest now, at chambers st. almost there.37% battery, my internal battery is getting pumped up, I d like to eat something, like the smoked salmon salad I got fro brioche doree need to make again [look for online recipe]


to be cuntinued...