Nyc scams

Nyc scams

Times Sq transvesti - these fake dressed up heroes will ask/force you for pay them after you take a picture with them; even more scarier they can kick your kids if you refuse or have no cash around

Music Cd offer - these handing out music cd musician will give you a free cd of they phony music, but also they will sign them in front of you so they can ask for value of their signature

The broken bottles - when walking around with your luggage and see a man standing around with some black bag containing liquor bottles, just avoid the contact that he will try to happen hitting your suitcases and then dropping the bottles and accusing you of the incident and asking top dollars for the damages; these are empty of water colored bottles with no value at all, laugh at him and just leave

The lost ring - this is mostly in Paris, but I guess it will be part of the ny scene too, some

The horse carriege - the horses are tired of this

Nypd cops - when you see them (or the mimetic soldiers) try to be aware that they are one of the most disturbed mentally in the jobforce (together with ceo and lawyers). They will shoot innocents and check for your innards if you walk funny or are in wrong place at the right time

Wall st - the yellers inside the nyse are trying to buy and sell some past, present and future deals that you should have absolutely the need to purchase with your regular material job; turns out all these are the most dangerous actions against humanity (and animality). Avoid them like the plague